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How To Get More Facebook Likes

Businesses with Facebook pages know “likes” are everything. When someone likes your page, not only do your status updates show up on their newsfeeds, but the announcement of that like shows up so that all of their friends can see. It’s a great way to how to get more facebook likes word out about your brand, but so much of it is out of your control. Here are a few ways to increase likes for your Facebook page. Some of the best Facebook marketing success stories revolve around contests. Let’s face it. People want a deal. Often people will go to great measures to get that deal, especially when the words “contest” or “sweepstakes” are brought up. Whether you’re a hotel chain offering the chance for a free night’s stay to everyone who likes your page or a food manufacturer offering free samples or coupons to anyone who likes you, nothing can jump-start your Facebook presence like a giveaway. The bonus for these types of offers is your customers will first like your page, then pass the word on to all of your friends. Make it easier by suggesting your fans forward the offer on, which means the fact that they liked your site will show up on their newsfeed, followed by the shared link. Advertising has never been as easy.

When it comes to social media, cross promotion is everything. Facebook badges are available for your company website, as well as your other social media accounts. But the most important opportunity is one that allows you to add like buttons to everything you post. These like buttons not only show up on your company website, but on posted videos, photos, news of brands, and your company blog. With each new item you post, provide the opportunity for your customers to like you. The “Share” feature is also important, encouraging your site visitors to share your content with everyone on Facebook. This can be added to videos, photos, news items, articles, and blogs to draw attention to your brand.

How to Get More Facebook Likes

How to Get More Facebook Likes
On Facebook, it’s all about the “likes,” especially for businesses. One fan hitting that like button can put your name in front of thousands of potential customers, since that like puts a status update on that person’s wall. Companies are struggling to learn new ways to prompt fans to like a post. Actively participating in your Facebook fan page by following these few tips can help you coax more likes and increase your exposure.

Post Regular Status Updates and Interact with Fans

An inactive Facebook profile is just as bad, if not worse, than no profile at all. If you are clueless about social networking, search for someone on your staff who might be more Facebook-savvy. Someone needs to be updating your Facebook profile on a regular basis, as well as interacting with your fans. This shows your fans you have an interest in what they have to say, which increases your customers’ engagement in whatever it is you’re promoting.
Publicize Your Facebook Presence on Your Website
It’s hard to find a website these days that doesn’t have a Facebook button on it. Web surfers have begun looking for it, in some instances, clicking through to follow if the subject is one that is of interest to them. Many businesses choose to slip the button in a side panel, along with Twitter and LinkedIn buttons. But for real impact, consider giving your website visitors a call to action, like “Follow us on Facebook.” Get Facebook badges here.
Regularly Offer Coupons and Deals Only Available to Facebook Fans
How to Get More Facebook LikesNothing prompts customers to press that like button like offering a coupon or giveaway for doing so. “Like us on Facebook and get a free product sample,” for example. Not only will that  be broadcasted to all of that Facebooker’s friends, you’ll be sending a free sample the person will tell friends about if it works. But you don’t have to give samples away to get likes. Just posting exclusive deals to Facebook followers will make a huge difference in the number of fans your page enjoys. Once your customers learn that special offers are being posted on Facebook, your fans will likely grow and you’ll find yourself with a loyal, responsive Facebook following.
Encourage Fans to Post Photos of Themselves Enjoying Your Product or Service
Call it someone’s fifteen minutes of fame, but when a business has quite a few followers, having a photo posted can feel a little like celebritydom. Invite your fans to get in on the fun by posting a photo of themselves enjoying your product or service. This is not only a ready-made positive review of your business, it shows you care about your customers. Even better, if those fans tag themselves in the photos, the photo turns up on their wall, displaying to all their friends. If you’d like to give fans an extra incentive to post photos, offer discounts to those who post photos. Or have a contest for the best photo of a fan enjoying your product, awarding something to the winner. A contest can engage customers, bringing out competitive natures and encouraging interaction between your followers.
Install “Like” Buttons on Your Company Websites and Any Blog Posts
To prompt even more likes, add a like button everywhere you can. Any fresh content on your company websites needs to be treated with a like button, available here. On sites like Blogger and WordPress, though, you likely won’t need Facebook’s code to insert a like button. In fact, once you start looking for it, you might be surprised how often you will see that like button option on websites. Usually the Facebook like button is accompanied with text stating how many others have liked that particular post, or the words: “Be the first of your friends to like it.” Often the like button is best placed at the end of content, since, logically speaking, someone will be prompted to publicly like something after having thoroughly read it.
Incorporate Your Facebook Page Into Customer’s Daily Lives
These days, Facebookers announce everything they do. They check in at the hair salon, grocery store, and during lunch at Burger King. This public sharing extends beyond check ins, however, with Facebookers publicly announcing which articles they read, what television shows they’re watching, even what items they buy on Amazon. Take a lesson from mega-businesses and give your customers the opportunity to announce what they’re doing from your site. If you’re offering online courses, let them tell everyone when they accomplish a particular goal by clicking on a link. When a user completes a purchase from your site, allow that customer the option of sharing news of that purchase with others. Much of this is accomplished through the Activity Feed plugin, but you might also be interested in some of the other plugins Facebook has to offer, including recommendations, comments, and a Facepile plugin, which shows pictures of others who have liked a business’s site. For more information on plugins, visit Facebook’s Social Plugins information page.
Monitor your success
How to Get More Facebook Fans
Facebook offers Facebook Insights, which allows page owners and developers to track activity on a Facebook fan page. This information is only available to administrators of a particular business account, but it will give you information on page impressions and likes generated by your page or a particular app or post within. This is the type of information that can help your business decide what future action to take in order to get additional views. In addition to Insights, keep an eye on your page likes and fans, even keeping track of how those numbers change from month to month. The numbers don’t lie and if your followers and likes are increasing, that tells you you’re doing something right.
Facebook likes are still uncharted territory for many smaller businesses, but they are definitely worth the effort. Just one like can be seen by untold numbers of people, increasing brand recognition and bringing new followers to your page.

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